THC free, No THC, or just not detectable?

I debate this point many days a week on Facebook. Many of these ‘experts’ are training others how to sell a product. They are putting their friends and family at risk.

I spent the last 2 days hearing from expert panels which included Dr Marielle Weintraub from the US Hemp Authority, multiple attorneys, a representative from the USDA, and leaders from various top brands. They confirmed what I had previously believed:

All agree that it is irresponsible to make claims that any product is 100% safe for those who must pass a drug tests and that it puts both the consumer and the seller at risk.

The facts:

1. There is no product, including isolate that has 100% of the THC removed.

2. There is no test sensitive enough to test to true zero THC. They can only honestly say ‘not detectable’.

3. Every lab has a different cut off for what not detectable means. (Some may test to 0.1%, others 0.002%

4. At such low levels, most, but not all, will never test positive on a drug test.

5. There is at least one company who claims to have developed a true THC free certified seed, but they are yet to grow and produce product. I will be watching closely.

So, if someone tells you that you will not fail a drug test with their THC free product, you now know the facts. Help me educate the masses.

And stay safe out there!


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