Most doctors know nothing about CBD

Talk to your doctor before taking CBD. How many of you have heard this statement or told it to others when you sell them CBD? It's a valid statement, but there is one huge problem with it: Most doctors know nothing about CBD. Even those that are holistic minded, like me, have limited knowledge. I've heard numerous stories about doctors telling their patients 'its not FDA regulated, so i recommend against taking it'. This is such a disservice to their patients. With the amazing benefits of CBD, it just takes finding the right doctor and a brand you can trust.

This is where our page comes in. Do you know a doctor who recommends CBD in their practice? I'd like to meet them and start a page of recommended doctors who can help you in your CBD journey. With the right help, you can safely take CBD with your other medications,

Don't just tell your clients to 'consult with your doctor', or worse yet tell them its 100% safe, become the EXPERT with the CBD Expert Course. Half off through July 7.


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